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Open Positions


Rather you're a level designer, environment designer, lighting, or other, all of the work you do is tremendously important. Here we wear multiple hats which means more work. It also means what you work on makes a bigger difference so it's important it's something you're proud of. 


We'd argue that everyone on our team is an artist. But none shine more brightly than those who bring our imaginations to life visually. The talent involved in being an artist is so hard to master and even harder to get recognition for. The visuals we aim to produce in our projects demand recognition. Your designs brought to life will demand it.

3D Design /  Animation

Our ultimate goal is to blur the line between our reality and the ones we create.  Visual's and animations that mimic what we see and what we dream. That's why we need you to be more than a 3D Designer. We need you to be a SYX Designer. 


If you just want to lend a helping hand or polish up a newly learned set of skills, we're open to working with those that want to improve and help us improve. Let's see what we can create together!

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